The 2016 Parade – Saturday July 23th

A presentation of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Butler County

Parade car check-in will be begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Walmart Supercenter, 1505 Main St. All Parade participants will receive Commemorative Plaques. Over 300 parade cars are expected. Judging will take place between 9:30 and 11:30.

Please NO TENTS or POP-UP ENCLOSURES of ANY kind on the parade staging sites or stop sites.

The parade to Fairfield will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. The Fairfield stop will be at Fairfield Crossings, Rt-4 and Symmes Rd. The parade will then proceed to Downtown Hamilton at 2:30. Presentation of awards will begin at 3:30. Public viewing of cars at all three locations is free to the public, and restrooms will be available.

We urge you to preregister your parade car for a reduced registration fee if it is received by July 22nd. Registration the day of the parade will delay check-in and there is a $20.00 fee, so please preregister.

Click on the Parade Information for 2015 tab and submit registration form online OR pickup a parade flier and registration form at the Butler County Visitors Bureau, 8750 Union Centre Boulevard, West Chester, Ohio; or the Hamilton Visitors Bureau, One High Street, Hamilton, Ohio.

2016 Parade Parking Assistance – Corvettes of Hamilton

The Antique and Classic Car Club of Butler County next meeting:

Wednesday, August
 19th, 7:00PM
Government Services Center
315 High St. Hamilton, Ohio

Visitors welcome.  Become a member.

45 thoughts on “The 2016 Parade – Saturday July 23th

  1. I am looking for someone with a 49 or 50 Mercury to drive my parents from Jacksonburg Rd. to Ryans Tavern for their 65th aniversery on May 31. They were married in Hamilton in 1949, at that time my Dad had a brand new 49 Mercury. After the wedding at St Stephens church now St Julies and a reception at the Fenmont, they Drove the Mercury to Calfornia on their Honeymoon. We kids thought it would be a nice suprise to have them chauffered in a classic Mercury for their aniversory. The driver would just have to drop them off. We will get them home. We will be happy to pay the person for their time.
    Thank you
    Mark Schallip

    • I brought it up at our meeting and encouraged our members to contact anyone with a 49 or 50 Merc. I will let you know if we find anything. Thanks for visiting our site and hope to see you at the event on July 26th.

  2. Could you please send me an e-mail site for the ACCCBC
    I want to post a picture of the 1957 Corvette that was registered in Butler County Ohio in 1976 to go with following question
    Need Ohio owner(s) of 1957 Corvette red race car (i.e. vin # E57S101335) that was sold to Canadian person George Pascoe in 1978. CAR WAS REGISTERED IN OHIO IN BUTLER COUNTY (I.e.County #9) (i.e. Ohio Registration number in 1976 was . 09035078. Black seats. Car never had roll bar and is genuine original fuel injection car. Replacement 327 cu. in. engine. with exhaust headers and collectors. Car had “I” BEAM front suspension lift. Was a factory heater delete car. No radio or antenna in 1978. Large Morosso hood scoop. Americain Thrust Mag Wheels. Morosso Tach on drivers side dash. Probably drag raced at one of following drag strips (i) Beechmount or (ii) Hamilton Tri-State Dragway or (iii) Xenia Kil-Kare Dragstrip or (iv) Edgewater Raceway Park Drag Strip or (v) Rock Haven Drag Strip
    Originally from factory car was a red three speed fuel injected car.
    Please contact with any information :
    Tom Bill Keogh
    E mail:
    Tel : 905-8712341
    Ontario, Canada

  3. Please let me know if you have a trophy sponsor yet and which company is furnishing them. Thank you Jack

  4. Hi I will be in downtown Hamilton taking some photos of the cars if you would like Professional photos of your antique or classic car let me know I have some great locations for Automotive Photography check out my website to see my work!

  5. can you tell me the route of the parade? is it the same route as previous years? just want to make sure i get a good seat.

  6. I pre-registered my car on line several weeks ago for the parade. Can you tell me if you received my registration for the parade? It is a completely restored 1969 mustang convertible.



  7. My name is Benjamin Price and I own Sweden Crème, the 1950s Ice cream stand on the corner of Pleasant and Woodlawn, we have put a add in the program every year trying to do an after parade party (cruise in) here for the last few years with only two or three cars showing up. I would like to know how we can reach out to you guys to help us support this event. I have gotten approval to close Woodlawn Ave from the City of Hamilton! and we have the most awesome spot for a care show! We have shade, we will have awesome music, Prizes, this area is very clean and safe, The ice cream shop has great food! $1.00 Cones $1.00 Cheese Coney’s will be offered on Saturday along with our whole fantastic menu!! I would love to do this for the community and get people out and about! I am planning on having this again this coming Saturday starting at 5pm to 8 or 9pm, is there and way we can’t get the word out about this event? My number is 513-484-2381

    • Benjamin, We can make an announcement at the awards ceremony and if you have a flyer you can pass out at parade start and stop at fairfield. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. Benjamin, I grew up in that house right behind the Sweden Creme. I have very fond memories of having an ice cream shop right outside my front door. My mom worked there, and we’re still friends with the couple that owned it in the ’80s. I will have my car in the parade, and I’d love to be a part of the cruise in this saturday evening. Thanks for the idea, and the trip down memory lane.

  9. Thank you all for your feedback, looks like were going like gangbusters! I will have my staff at the starting point early Saturday Morning! Thank you again, were going to make it a fun night!

  10. Hello I am looking for a 1920’s to 1930’s Ford to take photos of in Trenton Ohio at a farm. If you are close to trenton or can drive the car to Trenton please email me of call me here is a link to my website http://WWW.OSUNAPHOTOGRAPHY.COM I am looking to build my portfolio so I will give you free photos of the car for letting me take pictures of it.

    Brandon Osuna

    • yes same route as last year. If there are any changes we will post on here when details become available

  11. Was wondering if you received our registration online? Our check for the fee is being mailed in. Thank you.

    • I’m pretty sure judging is not manditory but some classes don’t fill up so it might be worth it. It the same cost to be in parade whether you’re judged or not.

      Hope to see you there saturday

    • I don’t show an online register. If you registered by mail just go to the registration table tomorrow and they should have it there.


  12. Great parade again in 2015. Can someone make a small change to your WEB information. In the Republic section, the section that is headed Republic Story needs a one word change. In the first paragraph the text mentions corless engine. They were Corliss engines named for the inventor and designer who designed a more efficient rotary valve.

    Best to all,
    Tom Rentschler

    • Thanks for the observation. We will be launching a new website this year and will correct the error. I see by your name that you might be related to the founder of Republic Car. If you have any other info or pics we’d love to post and share with the world. Also we are trying to find an existing car or a photo. All we’ve been able to find are drawings.

      Thanks again and stay in touch!

  13. I’ve participated in the parade for over 10 years and it’s one of my favorite events of the year. The event staff do a wonderful job as well as the police officers from both Hamilton and Fairfield that control the traffic during the event. However given the accident this year I would like to respectfully submit it might be time to visit the concept of closing the roads during the parade versus the current strategy of allowing the traffic to continue to flow in the opposite direction against the flow of the parade. To do so encourages folks to attempt left turns into the parade and other dangerous maneuvers that just don’t make sense from a safety perspective. I have personally witnessed several close calls in the past due to this practice. I know for other parades with folks marching and such the roads are closed to all other traffic, this parade should be the same.

    • We are aware of the issues and were talking to the police at the awards for solutions for next a years events


      • That is great to hear. You guys put on an awesome, historic event that I know a lot of folks look forward to every year.

        • Thanks! We are all volunteers and enjoy seeing the cars every year and we work hard throughout the year planning the next parade. Not everything goes smoothly all the time but we work hard to correct it.

          Thanks again. We appreciate the support. See you next year.

          • JULY 30,2015
            My name is Rose Marie Breeding.
            I am inquiring to your club in an attempt to obtain a contact number of a possible witness/es of an accident at I was involved in on July 25,2015 approximate time 12:54 PM. The accident occurred while I was heading East on State Route 63. The vehicle I was driving was struck at the 4 way intersection of State Route 63 and Senate Dr. in Monroe, Ohio. I believe that the witness/driver is associated with your club; he was hauling a Model A Ford on the flatbed.

          • Hi Ms. Breeding,

            I have your number from the previous email and will pass on to the driver I believe might have witnessed the accident from your description. I will have the driver contact you.

            Thanks for contacting us and we hope no one was injured.

            Let us know if there is anything else we can do

          • I talked to the driver in our parade that was in the accident and he said he did not witness any other accident other than the one he was involved in. Sorry but I’m not sure who owned the car on the flatbed.

  14. JULY 30,2015
    My name is Rose Marie Breeding.
    I am inquiring to your club in an attempt to obtain a contact number of a possible witness/es of an accident at I was involved in on July 25,2015 approximate time 12:54 PM. The accident occurred while I was heading East on State Route 63. The vehicle I was driving was struck at the 4 way intersection of State Route 63 and Senate Dr. in Monroe, Ohio. I believe that the witness/driver is associated with your club; he was hauling a Model A Ford on the flatbed.

    In my research to find the driver of the flatbed, I initially searched for local antique car shows in Butler. I found your information and the date and timing of the event.I believe that the witnesses attended the 61st Annual Jerry E. Moore Memorial Antique and Classic Car Event. I have narrowed it down and I have reasons to believe that they placed in possibly the “Class 6 or Class 9 in the awards but did not stay for the parade. I believe it is possible that the person/s in the car hauler may either be Gene Griffith or Him Hansel both from Columbus. I have tried to phone/contact all the Model A owners listed in the 2015 Class Winners but have only been able to speak to Mr. Robert Glaab. Mr. Glaab, confirmed my thoughts of the “Model A being judged in the event but not staying for the parade.
    The gentleman who stopped to assist me and direct traffic was driving a late model flatbed car hauler with a red cab. There were initials on the side of the cab (possibly) “K and __ Transportation”. There were 2 other persons in the cab; another man and possibly a woman. The driver stopped to assist, after he checked to see if I was hurt. He stated, I am going to direct traffic”. He went back to the vehicle and put on a yellow safety jacket and proceeded to direct traffic until the police arrived on the scene. When the Monroe police arrived on the scene, Officer Binder spoke to the driver of the car hauler first.
    After the accident, I took several pics of the driver directing traffic, the flatbed, and the Model A Ford at the scene of the accident. The driver left after the 2 wrecker/tow trucks came; he proceeded East on State Route 63. It is possible that he was heading toward Interstate 71 to head to Columbus.
    I would like to thank him and the insurance companies desire to speak to the driver of the flatbed.
    I do have 4 pictures of the flatbed and MI can either email or bring you copies of the pictures; perhaps, either your club’s president or other recording secretary will have the contact information on the registration form.
    I have tried to contact: Chris Rankin@ 513-863-2334 and Dick Burkhardt @ 513-887-1900 but have not made a contact.
    Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation in this matter.

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